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Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Residential Landscaping

Requiring low-maintenance with no irrigation, mowing or fertilizing, a TigerTurf lawn stays fresh and green all year round for friends and family to enjoy. Areas which can be difficult to maintain such as narrow side lawns and low lying land can now offer a pleasant view from indoors without hours of hard-work, providing an attractive area to host social events throughout the year. Our lawns provide a simple, distinctive solution.

Artificial lawns are durable and long lasting, saving on the cost of using a lawn mower, water, and fertilizer. UV stabilized to minimize fading and free of heavy metals, our lawns are safe for children and pets, also allowing those with allergies to grass and pollen to relax outside with the rest of the family. Give your lawn that perfect green well-groomed look all year round, so you can just sit back and relax!

Tiger Turf’s Envy 44, Summer Envy 35 and Envy 35 are popular options, all manufactured in New Zealand with a warranty. The medium-to-long blade and high-density thatch produces a wonderfully dense green lawn which is soft underfoot, and all artificial lawns are constructed with drainage so the lawn dries quickly.

We will provide the complete installation.

Commercial Landscaping

Popular in Southern Europe, artificial lawn provides an innovative solution for companies where presentation and cost control are premium considerations, as well as enabling them to stand out amongst their competitors. Useful in areas that are difficult to access or where maintenance and water supply are restricted, it is a great alternative for community playgrounds, parks, retirement villages, and cafes as well as other high traffic areas.

Internal areas such as atriums, concourses, and meeting and greeting areas can benefit from the calming effect that artificial lawn creates. The same is true for housing developers where section sizes are smaller and low-maintenance gardens are required. TigerTurf can transform balconies, patios and terraces into miniature green areas of tranquility and relaxation, appearing distinctive to buyers.