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Products & Services

Sporting Surfaces

We have a versatile, durable and hard wearing range of artificial turf playing surfaces that are designed specifically for sport grass fields and courts – this includes hockey, soccer, netball, tennis, basketball, rugby, cricket and golf. Manufactured in New Zealand from high performing TenCate fibers and backings, the UV protected turf is designed to withstand harsh weather and heavy wear and comes with a manufacture’s warranty.



Residential Landscaping

We supply and install artificial turf which requires low-maintenance with no irrigation, mowing or fertilising.  Artificial turf stays fresh and green all year round for family and friends to enjoy.

Areas which can be difficult to maintain such as narrow side lawns and low lying land can now offer a pleasant view without hours of hard-work, providing an attractive area to host social events throughout the year.



BayTurf is a certified supplier and installer of TigerTurf™.




Your artificial turf sports surface will be maintained in top playing condition by our maintenance team. They will groom the artificial grass, spray the surface to prevent moss and other fungal growth, check all seams and offer advice on other turf-related issues.

This light maintenance program keeps your sports turf performing at a high standard. It will also avoid unnecessary “rejuvenation” by maintenance contractors. A well-maintained TigerTurf sports surface can out-perform and outlast a neglected area by up to 25%.

Prolong your artificial turf surface’s lifespan and protect your investment.